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Who Are Bentham Design?

Bentham & Holroyd Ltd, are family owned and run business since 1830. Our Design Director, along with a team of four full-time design engineers, control an extensively-equipped “high technology” drawing office which utilizes “Solidworks‘” parametric solid modeling systems, creating innovative and complete engineering design solutions.

Our design department sits conveniently alongside 25000 square feet of manufacturing space at our Allerton site, enabling us to satisfy our customer design and manufacturing requirements. The diagram below illustrates how we generally interact with our customers.

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What Can We Do?

Parametric solid modeling
Detail design
Finite Element Analysis
Kinematic analysis
Specialist valve design
Weighing machinery & load cell applications
Cycle test machinery
Specialist laboratory equipment
Production machinery
Packaging machinery
PLC Programming
Quarry stone cutting and handling equipment
Water treatment systems
Street lamp recycling machines
Metal forming machinery
Food processing and handling
Window security testing machinery
Screw conveyors
Heat exchangers
Prototype door furniture
Cafeteria furniture
Industrial stainless steel kitchens
Plastic-molding design
Industrial cleaning machinery
Printing machinery
Electrical control panels

Finite Element Analysis

The use of Finite-element analysis typifies the thorough way in which Benthams appreciate design. FEA enables a detailed examination of the forces working within a component, including all mechanical and thermodynamic stresses and strains. Not only can this protect against costly failures in use, but it will also highlight huge potential savings on materials by optimizing the components mass. With medium to large-scale production in mind, the potential savings significantly increased Specialist Machinery

With a complete design and manufacture facility under one roof, we have a unique advantage over design houses or freelance operators. Our reputation has been built on the ability to produce unique, one-off specialist machines in an atmosphere which encourages communication and close interaction with yourself, the customer.

Furthermore due to our experience in designing and building bespoke products. We have developed, quick efficient methods of development which ensure short lead times, and hence we are generally less expensive and produce higher quality products than our competitors.

Our Clients

Philips Lighting
Ministry of Defense
Kent Introl Valves
Hopkinson Valves
British Aerospace
British Rail
Plaxton Coaches
Hindle Valves
Avocet Hardware
Coats Lorielleux
T&D Industries
Univer Pneumatic 
Cold Seal
Drum International 
Maco UK
Harrods of London
Amco Products
Profile 22 Systems
Millenco Hardware
Sold Secure
Ian Firth Hardware
MEM Delta

plus many more...

Purpose Built Machines


A national company had a requirement to use an orga to move broken sodium lamps and the associated chemicals up a gradient of 35 degrees, this in its self is no great problem, however the life of the bearing at the bottom was, as sodium attacked and eroded most bearing materials, plus the glass debris fouled the bearing causing each one to collapse. This unit was designed to use negative pressure and positive water pressure to constantly flush the bearing with clean water and keep out the debris etc. and has operated daily for over 1 year without any problems.


An international padlock manufacturer required tests machines for their laboratory, this was just one of those units, using high-powered hydraulics, this pulled apart the padlocks at various given loads, other machines included a cryogenic test unit.


The customer, a major international Ink manufacturer used to clean their mixing drums by hand, requiring 2 litres of expensive cleaning fluid per drum, plus the time involved. These medium dustbin size drums now only takes 2 litres to clean 20 drums, in a third of the time! The customer expects a payback within 12 months. The cleaning machine, was fully designed and built to the customers requirement, and is fully automated, utilising PLC controls and industrial cleaning brushes


This was initially a pure design study only for a customer who wanted to improve their existing meat trimming unit, used in catering. On completion of drawing, this was extended to manufacturer the unit complete. Trials are continuing.


Used for photographing replacement teeth and for matching colours and pigments of existing teeth. This was the finished prototype without lasers.


Used for photographing replacement teeth and for matching colours and pigments of existing teeth. The first prototype including lasers.