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Fabrication & Hard Facing Welding


Our fabrication and sheet metal activities include CNC waterjet cutting, which allows us to cut metal as well as plastic and other materials that laser can not undertake.

We have CNC folding and bending capacity handling sheet size of up to 2500mm x 1200mm x 6mm mild steel and 3mm stainless steel. Our welding covers materials such as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium with types of work we undertake range from machine frames to fluid and solids chutes and brackets and guarding. We offer TIG, MIG and STICK welding, with manual and semi-automatic welding available.

Bentham and Holroyd limited provides high-quality weld overlaying/hard-facing service.

Many new manufactured components may need areas that require better wear characteristics than the main part of the component, this is where the overlaying or hard facing of the area can be a benefit, by using a harder or tougher material than the original component. For to make the whole unit from the ‘tougher’ material would be cost prohibitive.

Although the majority of components are manufactured from new stock, the combination of technical experience and specialized processes are also increasingly being used for the refurbishment of worn high value parts.

Bentham & Holroyd’s life extension services provide engineering analysis, a recommendation and upgrade to end users and to subcontractors alike in order to provide parts that outlast those currently being used. We have substantial insight into problems, due to cross industry applications and experience. Bentham & Holroyds analysis and subsequent recommendations weigh cost, ease of manufacture and anticipated life extension to excessive parts wear to give refurbished parts a longer life.

Alloys commonly utilized include Cobalt Base (STELLITE® or STELLOY® 1, 6, 12, 21,) and Nickel Based INCONEL® 625. Although other alloys are available.

Bentham & Holroyd Weld onto Stainless steel, Duplex materials, bar or castings, Using either TIG or MIG welding proseccess, Machine welding or manual welding methods, depending on the application or attitude of the component.

Overlay deposits are of low dilution; defect free; high density; and can be applied to substantial thickness. Large ODs; small IDs down to 1-1/2 inches; and compound shapes are readily accepted. Coatings can be expected to exceed industry standards as to quality of deposition.

Our Welding procedures are qualified by Lloyds to ASME IX, and NORSOK.

Areas of current and potential application include:

  • Valve parts including cages, discs, backseats, seat rings, balls, stems, and guides.
  • Weld overlay coated exchanger tubes and tube sheets.
  • High-pressure pump shafts, sleeves, impellers, and couplers.