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Benthams in 2013

Benthams have added a new secondary inspection room complete with FARO arm to help with the growing capacity and turnover. Additional inspectors are being employed to keep pace with customer requirements.

Also, Benthams has recently built a new much larger Dye-pen (DPI) facility which is able to handle up to half a ton in weight. The new room will help in handling the large workload going through our workshop, especially the stellitte welding which is increasingly becoming more popular.

The additional this year of the Mazak 200, the Hass Es-5 horizontal machining centre and another Mazak nexus 250 are also enhancing our capacity and are already in great demand.

5mm Filament!

We are now available to put 5mm nylon filament in brush strip and roller brushes, this gives the customer a more aggressive brush filament for use in surface cleaning and quarry waste treatment as well as a host of other areas. Also with the 5mm diameter filament life of a brush can be extended. We can manufacture roller brushes in this material up to 4 metres long and with a filament length of 350mm.

New Machinery!

Benthams have just taken delivery of their seventh mazak in 5 years, and are continuing to expand the capacity of our CNC turning, most of the new machines have driven tooling.