Brush Strip Draught Excluder.

Benefits of Door Bottom Sealing Brushes

Help climate change
27% of UK carbon dioxide emissions produced by home energy use
Avoid over payments
by upgrading your property (commercial or domestic) you can avoid the climate change levy
Door bottom draught excluders
10%-20% reduction in heat loss helping conserve energy for a small investment

In summary, installing brush strip draught excluders on your door bottom's can enhance your comfort, reduce your energy bill and lower your CO2 footprint.

Our bespoke brush strips can be supplied to fit inside or outside and to the top, bottom and sides of your doors and windows. Door bottom draught excluders can supplied in any length.
How to fit draught excluders to your doors/windows

Brush strip draught excluders cater for a varying gap around doors/windows. The holder of the draught excluder should be fitted to either the door or the door frame so that the largest gap will have a 3mm seal.


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