Coiled Brushes.

Coiled strip brushes are made by mounting the brush strip on a rotating core to wind the strip into a continuous spiral. The core can form part of the coiled brushes use or the brush coil can be taken off the core and used for a different application, i.e. fitted to the flights of an auger.

Although a wide range of strip sizes and materials are available, they are all manufactured to the same high standards.

Various applications are suitable for the coil brush; in some case a tufted brush may offer a superior result, or even a paddle brush. Due to our extensive experience in the use of these types of brush we can advise on most applications, especially in cleaning applications and perforator back-up applications. This style of a strip cylinder brush only allows for filament movement in two directions as compared to four directions for a tufted brush. Companies often recommend a strip because that is what they make, and not what is best for the job. But in some applications they do a good job, especially in jobs requiring a wire filament.

Designing a brush coil can be as simple as replacing and improving an existing brush, or it can require the consideration of a large number of variables that need to be investigated before the best brush for a job is recommended.

Benthams offer a full service for coiled brushes and engineering for industrial brush use, with a wide range of materials and applications from the food industry where we can resin set filament to glass cleaning.


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