Conveyor Belt Cleaning Brushes.

There are two common types of conveyor belt cleaning brush: 1) Strip Brush, 2) Roller brush. The most suitable conveyor cleaning solution will ultimately depend on its applications and the financial constraints that may need to be met.

Roller brush solutions can be more effective and they typically have a longer life. They are also very flexible, being suitable for a wide range of applications. We are able to manufacture roller brush conveyor cleaning solutions up to 5 metres in length.

The filling material is an important decision and will vary according to the conveyor cleaning conditions, for example wet, dry, hot or cold.

A bespoke conveyor cleaning brush solution will cater to customer needs including wear characteristics, replacement cost and replacement down time.


  • Uses a beating action
  • Low cost refills offsets high cost of hub
  • May be fitted in situe very quickly
  • Covers most applications
  • Most common cleaning brush used
  • Low cost hub
  • Machine wrapped with strip brush and trimmed to the correct diameter
  • Used when large amounts of debris are present and an auger action is required
  • Can be supplied with both left and right-hand coil to eject material from both sides simultaneously
Backing Strip & Filament
Galvanized steel and stainless steel can be used for the backing strip. The material used will be determined by the application of the cleaning solution. Backing strips can be manufactured to 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 11mm wide with filaments from 0.1mm to 3mm. The roller brush can be trimmed to meet the specific dimensions of the conveyor belt.

"Standard" brush units typically come with a fixed speed power supply, variable speed units can be supplied, which can account differing levels of wear on the brush diameter, surface speed and weather.

To minimise cost, weight and space the cleaning brush can be driven directly from the conveyor, depending on the conveyor system and where it is sited. This approach will also ensure the brush unit maintains constant speed in relation to the belt. An alternative is to manufacture the drive motor as part of the brush roller which offers a compact solution.

The Wet System
The conveyor belt is cleaned using brushes and a cleaning medium such as hot water. A roller brush is in constant contact with the belt and is cleaned by a lower brush which is semi-immersed in a cleaning fluid.

A squegie roller dries the belt and an air knife can also be added to completely dry the belt.

Cleaning a Conveyor with Fixed Strip Brush
This is a low cost and easy to fit conveyor cleaning system. Individual applications and conditions can be met with a range of materials.

Brushes can be manufactured up to 4 metres long with filament length from 1mm up to 250mm and diameters from 0.1mm up to 3mm. Brushes can also be be made anti-static and flame retardent.


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