Hand Drawn Brushes.

Hand drawn brushes offer an alternative to brush strip or punched in brushes, the main reason for hand drawn brushes is when the filament is required to stay in the brush and not fall away or come out. With hand drawn brushes we are not limited to a width of brush, for example we can supply a brush that is 3 metres long by 1 metre wide and a filament length of 400mm. We fix in the filament using a continuous wire that in effect stitches the filament in place.

As with brush strip, most filaments are available for this method of manufacture.


Bentham & Holroyd Limited are now able to manufacture hand filled brushes filled with specialist metal filament, in this case the material is Hastalloy B3.. (which is also the base material), these are then trimmed to any given size, this material is used when 316 stainless steel does not have the resistance properties required in certain applications.



Roller brush example 1 Assorted hand-drawn brushes Industrial hand-drawn brushes photo Miscellaneous industrial brushes Miscellaneous industrial brushes

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