Quality Assurance

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Bentham & Holroyd manufacture a host of various components that are often utilised in hostile and critical condition environments, whereby failures can be both catastrophic and costly, such as sub sea applications for the Oil & Gas Industry. In other cases customers need precision components manufactured with the confidence that they can be sent direct to site without the need for secondary inspection. Both aspects require records of materials used, manufacturing procedures recorded that comply with a multitude of specifications from around the world. For these particular reasons, quality and efficiency are vital in all aspects of the product manufacture completed by Bentham & Holroyd Ltd.

Bentham & Holroyd are therefore certified to ISO9001:2008, encompassing key systems which optimise efficiency, and give confidence to customers of product conformity.

Continual investment in Inspection equipment by Bentham & Holroyd ensures we are always up to date with the newest and most efficient technologies available.

A copy of our certificate is available as a PDF for you to download at your convenience